Dr. Baker

Dear Friend,

My name is Tonya Woodall Baker and I am a hometown girl who grew up in Calhoun, Georgia. I love my community! While in dental school and then continuing my education in my orthodontic residency, there was never any doubt that I would return to open my orthodontics office. Calhoun was the place where I wanted to raise my own family and give back to the community that had always given so much to me.

As a little girl, I was blessed to have a very wonderful, kind, and caring general dentist. Even then, though it might sound a little strange for “back in the day,” I remember feeling really excited for appointments and getting to meet with the doctor and his staff. They treated me like family. It made me feel so special when they would inquire about the specifics of my life, whether it had to do with the sports I was playing, or how school was going, or even some other thing that had been mentioned during my last visit. We seemed to pick up on old conversations right where we had left off. To them, I was more than a chart or a number. This experience was a major influence that today inspires the Mission Statement of Baker Orthodontics, “To improve the self worth of every patient by making them feel special at each visit.”

Another is an incredible pleasure. To observe that “classic,” shy patient, who covers their mouth whenever they laugh or smile, change and become more confident and outgoing as they see the results of their braces at each visit! That shy patient who never smiled now can’t stop smiling! And so our goal is illustrated. Here at Baker Orthodontics, we strive to give our patients that just a little something extra so that they may be better prepared to pursue their own goals and to make their own dreams come true.

I look forward to meeting you and adding you to our family at Baker Orthodontics– The Place Where Smiles Are Created Every Day!

All the best,

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