It may be surprising to hear that when your baby’s first tooth cuts, its time for their first pediatric dental visit! Good dental habits are important for your baby and a pediatric dentist will be able to help you plan your child’s dental health schedule. The Grins & Giggles team will be able to let you know what to look for as your child’s mouth develops and how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, even if your child only has one tooth!

There are many benefits to good dental health, but, you may be wondering: Why not take my child to my regular dentist?

Many general dentists actually have an age requirement for the children they will see! They do this because smaller children tend to be uncooperative while the dentist is trying to clean or examine the teeth and often have to add extra time to their appointment to account for the special and attentive care a younger child needs. If the general dentist finds that your child is “too difficult to work with,” they may recommend you to a Calhoun pediatric dentist.

At Grins and Giggles of Calhoun, GA, we understand right away that your child needs special and attentive care. We don’t simply expect your child to be cooperative with someone they don’t know, and have created an atmosphere that allows your child to be comfortable and relaxed. We build extra time into our schedule in advance, understanding that your child may need more time to adapt to a new environment and to get to know the team. We do everything we can to ensure your child is comfortable before we put them in the dental chair.

You also may be asking: Why not wait until my child has more teeth?

Early dental care is extremely important. Once your child has even one tooth, it is susceptible to decay and gum disease if not properly cared for. Additionally, once the first tooth has cut, your child will experience the traditional growing pains of the additional teeth to come! Your pediatric dentist will be able to help you with a plan for how to help your child with the growing pains and how to develop a routine for brushing your child’s teeth as they come in. If you wait until your child has a full set of teeth, it may be too late for preventive care!

Making Your Child's Dental Visits Pleasant

At Grins and Giggles in Calhoun, GA, you will find that our entire pediatric dentist is dedicated to making your child feel safe and comfortable. Our team is warm and friendly, and understands how to make kids realize there is nothing to worry about. Not only is our team aware of how to make a kid feel at ease, our patient rooms and waiting area are decorated in such a way that your child will know they are in a safe environment. The patient rooms appeal to your child’s sense of familiarity because they each have their own theme! Whether your child’s favorite cartoon is Toy Story or Finding Nemo, we have fun, recognizable characters that will make you question if you are even in a dentist’s office!

Small Tools For Small Mouths

With all the odd shaped and pointy tools that sit on a dentist’s tray, even adults are weary about getting a dental exam! Imagine a dentist trying to use all those big, pointy tools in a small child’s mouth! Scary! Pediatric dentists understand that smaller mouths call for smaller tools to get the job done right and without traumatizing your small child. The dental tools at Grins and Giggles are designed for small mouths and are also made to look less intimidating! Our primary goal is to ensure your child gets the dental health care he or she needs, the easiest way possible!

Providing Preventive Care

It is essential for your child to receive early dental care in order to monitor development as he or she grows and to ensure their mouth develops properly as teeth come in! Preventive care can also help avoid the need for braces in the future and to also avoid the need for expensive surgeries later on in life. Additionally, early dental care can be pivotal in preventing cavities and gum disease. However, should a cavity need to be filled or any kind of oral surgery need to be performed, your child will have the comfort of being in an environment they have become familiar with and trust.

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